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Elevate your brand with eco-friendly merchandise that resonates, leaving a positive impact on both clients and the environment.

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Seamlessly merge promotional prowess with eco-consciousness, showcasing your values and fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

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Embrace products that harmonise brand identity and environmental responsibility, proving that every marketing effort can contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Eco Branded Merchandise & Promotional Products

Welcome to ECO-BRANDED, the premier destination for eco-conscious branded merchandise in the UK. As a leading supplier of ethically sourced and environmentally friendly promotional products, we take pride in offering the nation’s most extensive range of items.

Why should businesses use branded merchandise?

  • Tangible Brand Engagement
  • Extended Reach and Exposure
  • Cost-Effective Longevity
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
  • Effective Call to Action

From Fairtrade clothing to a variety of promotional gifts, including drinkware, bags, pens, notebooks, and more – all made using recycled materials – we are your one-stop-shop for ethical, high-quality, and impactful branding solutions. Join us in promoting sustainability while leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Featured Range

Recycled Bottle Pens translucent coloured

Pens & Pencils

Everyone uses pens and with our branded pens, every time a person uses one, they will be reminded of your business. 

Our range of branded merchandise

presentation products 1

Presentation Products

Branded Binders to give potential customers an overview of your product's and services. Make the right impression for your business.

foxham jute

Eco Branded Bags

Customised promo bags are a popular promotional product choice for businesses looking to increase brand visibility and attract potential customers. These eco-branded bags are not only an effective marketing tool but also an environmentally-friendly option. They can b...

hoodie 1


Branded clothing will help you create that brilliant first impression, promote your business and raises awareness of your brand.



Drinkware with logos or slogans  are 70% more likely to be kept and is an effective marketing tool to get your message across.

Recycled Bottle Pens translucent coloured

Pens & Pencils

Everyone uses pens and with our branded pens, every time a person uses one, they will be reminded of your business. 



It is essential to have well-designed business stationery to make an excellent first impression and keep your brand consistent.


Tea Towels and Aprons

Perfect for handing out and, by adding your business's logo to a tea towel, you can ensure that your brand is seen on a regular basis.


Wood & Bamboo

From USB's to Calendars, help save the environment and promote your business. Marketing to generate more clients while protecting our environment.

welcome pack 1

Welcome Packs

Welcome new employees with our bespoke 'Office 'Packs.' Custom branded pens, notebooks, t-shirts, bags, mugs & more.

How Eco Branded Works

Putting your companies personalised stamp on our tasteful and eco friendly product range has never been easier

See what our clients say

Eco Branded clients not only receive branded eco friendly products that show they care but also love the top level service they are offered.

Our Eco Pledge

Our ethos is unparalleled eco credentials based on extensive market knowledge and awarenes of eco credentials

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Our Eco-friendly range offers recycled products such as pens made from plastic bottles, pencils made from CD cases and coaters made from car tyres.

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We always ensure that all the products that we sell are ethically sourced. They are therefore obtained in a responsible and sustainable way so that the environment and social impacts are always considered before production.

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The Organic cotton used in our bags and shoppers is grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment. Organic systems replenish and maintain soil fertility and help build biologically diverse agriculture.

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Let us come up with some suggestions how to make your company shine with authentic promotional products. In the knowledge that what you are portraying is a company that cares and has high standards.