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Eco branded have an international sustainability standard covering the entire supply chain. The three companies we work with have the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production. The carefully curated items are branded with your company branding.

At Eco Branded, our mission is aligned with our suppliers in that we supply the highest quality garments and products in the most responsible and ethical way.

We supply Eco Friendly decorated garments either in a printed or embroidered format. Our approach is both ethical and sustainable using water based inks, organic cotton garments and vegan process.

Sustainability is integrated into our business at every level. From decision making to who we work with, Eco Branded is THE company to work with when it comes to environmentally sourced merchandise.

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Branded Promotional Fairtrade Clothing refers to clothing items that are both branded with a company’s logo or design and made using Fairtrade principles. Fairtrade ensures that the workers involved in the production of the clothing are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions, and are protected from exploitation. This type of clothing promotes ethical practices in the fashion industry and allows businesses to showcase their brand while supporting sustainable and responsible manufacturing. By choosing Branded Promotional Fairtrade Clothing, companies demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.
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Give your company an edge with this wonderful range of tasteful Eco-friendly & Organic clothing. Ethical shopping made easy.

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Neutral® is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market.

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Our range of certified sustainable clothing are guaranteed to be made according to the highest standards in the World, so helping to improve the planet, making workers and working conditions healthier and give farmers a future!

Made using organic Fairtrade Cotton some items have 20% recycled polyester added. All dyes are environmentally friendly.

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