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 Eco branded have an international sustainability standard covering the entire supply chain. The two companies we work with Neutral and Stanley/Stella have the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production.

At Eco Branded, our mission is aligned with our suppliers in that we supply the highest quality garments and products in the most responsible and ethical way.

We supply Eco Friendly decorated garments either in a printed or embroidered format. Our approach is both ethical and sustainable using water based inks, organic cotton garments and vegan process.

Sustainability is integrated into our business at every level. From decision making to who we work with, Eco Branded is THE company to work with when it comes to environmentally sourced merchandise.



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Neutral® is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market.

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From the beginning, our mission has been to create high quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way.

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