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We call the cloth used in the manufacture of the natural bags loomstate as it is exactly as it comes off the weaving looms without any chemical additives, bleaching or dying. Cotton is a 100% sustainable resource and the bags will bio-degrade totally, quickly and safely (unlike so-called bio-degradable plastic bags which take many times longer to degrade and do so emitting harmful gasses). In fact, when the bags do eventually wear out, they can make a significant contribution to producing excellent compost! (Please ask for further details)

We silk screen print using a printer whose pigment dyes (vegetable/mineral based) are suspended in a water based binder. This process is so safe they are allowed by the Environment Agency to discharge waste product into a standard foul drain.

Although it is fair to say that there are certain disadvantages such as the carbon footprint caused by transportation, we have yet to find an alternative printer which has fewer. The whole production and printing process is therefore as environmentally-friendly as it can possibly be.

Sadly there is no such thing as a perfect product but we firmly believe that we have got the balance right between what is acceptable to the planet and its inhabitants, and the urgent need to concentrate on the real culprit here which is the massively unacceptable use of plastic bags given away each day by retailers. In our view, this can only be done if we make the cost of the alternatives acceptable to a public which currently is being given no incentive to say ‘no’ to the multitude of plastic bags thrust under their noses whether they like it or not.

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