Neutral Catalogue

The defining aspects of Neutral® and Certified Responsibility™ have been a holistic approach driven by commitment and an overall focus on action and continuous improvement.

Having international sustainability standards covering the entire supply chain, the Neutral® business case is built on the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production.

What is Neutral Clothing?

  • Up to 3KG of hazardous chemicals can be used to make 1KG of cotton for t-shirts, mostly through the dyeing process. The EU Eco-Label certificate ensures this does not happen when buying Neutral clothing.
  • Neutral clothing is one of the most planet friendly in the market. The EU Ecolabel performs a life cycle analysis of the clothing, making sure that it’s eco-friendly throughout all production steps from cotton field to final product.
  • For every Neutral clothing item purchased, approximately 2500 litres of chemically polluted water will be saved, so great for the environment.
  • Instead of using conventional energy Neutral clothing is manufactured using renewable energy. That way Neutral® Responsibility helps reduce CO2 and is beneficial for both the local environment and the global climate.
  • Neutral only use 100% certified organic cotton. The entire production chain from cotton seed to the final product is certified organic, manufactured environmentally and is socially responsible. Audits by independent third parties ensure credibility and traceability.