5 of the Best Branded Merchandise Ideas

Nov 14, 2022

Did you know that around 80% of people enjoy receiving promotional gifts?

Well, now you do.

As the old saying goes, give the customers what they want. Not only do you put a smile on a customer’s face, but you spread some vital brand awareness.

There is endless branded merchandise that companies dish out. However, with so much competition, you must make yours stand out above the rest.

So, read on to discover the top five most memorable merchandise of the year!

1. Fully Recyclable Universal Tumbler

Drinkware is a classic branded merchandise. It might seem generic, but there are many reasons why so many firms use this simple yet effective product.

Hot beverages such as tea and coffee are growing in popularity throughout the globe. More than 1 in 10 people drink tea at least six times daily in the UK. Therefore a tumbler will always be in use, and someone will see your logo throughout the day.

2. Natural Juco Bags

For many years, the government has taken action to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2014, the government estimated that stores handed out 7.6 million plastic bags in England. So in October 2015, they started to charge per bag.

People now use and need reusable bags more than ever. Also, everyone at the supermarket will see your logo printed on the marketing gifts.

3. Natural Notebooks

Notebooks are a practical way of promoting your brand to other businesses.

People primarily use notepads during a meeting or while they work. When others in their job sector see your logo, they’ll be inclined to uncover more about your firm. And since they’re compact, people can transport them anywhere they work.

Be sure to design a notebook with colours that match your brand to look more professional.

4. Bottle Cork Keyrings

Keys are one of the most critical items to have on you. If you’ve ever put your hand in your pocket and felt no keys, your heart probably sank.

Everyone always carries their keys when they leave the house. So it’s a fantastic chance to show off your logo. However, the problem is getting your logo onto someone’s key.

The best way to do so is with a unique and stylish keyring. Luckily that’s what you get with the bottle cork keyring.

5. Deckchair Phone Stand

If you want something unique and memorable, look no further than a deckchair phone stand.

We live in a world of phones and technology. Therefore it is no surprise there are almost 6.65 billion smartphone users today. So you can give a usable product to around 82% of the population.

Not only is the deck chair phone stand practical, but it also grabs the attention of other clients.

Choose the Best Branded Merchandise Today

With so much competition between businesses, marketing is the key to success. A simple yet effective strategy to promote brand awareness is through branded merchandise. With more people acknowledging your company, the more your intended goals will succeed.

After reading this article, you now know the best promotional gifts. So avoid wasting your valuable time, and check out our full range of branded merchandise today!