Branded Merchandise Trends

Jun 15, 2021

A valuable way to promote an organisation or brand name is through branded merchandise or promotional products. The types of items that come under this umbrella (excuse the pun) tend to have a good shelf life in that they can last a year on average, depending on their usability, so your identity can remain high profile for a long time. The more expensive and useful the product though, the longer it stays in your recipient’s possession!

Branded merchandise has long been implemented in activities such as consumer marketing and/or trade shows. Logoed bags, clothing, pens, keyrings, and wooden products are generally safe, ubiquitous, and useful items that appeal to all demographics. Consumer and business brands, retailers, restaurants and many other organisations often look to branded merchandise as a way to turn their names into walking advertisements! Every consumer or professional who sports your name represents loyalty and an opportunity to build awareness.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world of branded merchandise on its head. Some of the stable diet items associated with merchandise are no longer popular and things we never would have thought to brand with a logo are now commonplace – branded headphones, power banks etc. When developing your branded merchandise concepts, think too about the needs of the working from home consumer. Items that provide stress relief, bring a family together and/or gadgets that help remote meetings are all useful. Similarly, with so many products available, we also feel that there is going to be a big trend towards sustainable products going forwards. They are good for the planet and your marketing! Reusable coffee cups and drinkware for example and there will also be a trend for plastic products to be replaced with environmentally friendly materials.

Branded or promotional merchandise can really help you achieve marketing goals; from growing a customer base to retaining the loyalty of your customers. The right branded products increase the awareness of your business. They secure repeat exposure, favourable impression, and ultimately recall of you. Keep these trends in mind the next you think over what items to give to your consumers as a gift as the right gift really can make a big difference.