Current merchandise trends

Jun 8, 2022

Merchandise trends come and go, but I came across these statistics with regards to merchandise and ifs effectiveness from an excellent article by Steel City and they make a compelling argument for implementing corporate merchandise into a marketing strategy –

  • 87% of customers advise that they have kept a promotional item for longer than a year.
  • 96% of people believe branded products increases a company’s brand awareness.
  • 83% of customers suggested they can name the brand of a product on their desk.
  • 83% of people purchasing products or services from companies that have provided branded merchandise to them.
  • Nearly 51% of customers recommend that promotional products have the best ability to get them to take action.
  • 7 in 10 marketers use branded merchandise to raise brand awareness.
  • Promotional products are almost six times as likely to make recipients feel appreciated than the mediums of print, web, direct mail or TV.

But what type of product should I consider and are there any current trends that would benefit my company?

Well, believe it or not, the biggest trend we are seeing is for Eco-Friendly Promotional Products. Now, more than ever, consumers are actively including elements like sustainability into their buying habits so investing in eco-friendly branded merchandise is a win:win!

Promotional cups and branded drinks bottles were some of the best sellers in 2021 and this has continued into 2022 along with customised Reusable Bags – as single-use plastic continues to decline, the use of reusable shopping bags is on the increase. Branded Confectionery is a great method to keep customers happy! We have been sent all sorts of branded sweets, chocolates, or personalised jelly sweets. However, buying any product that goes into the mouth does require companies to display health certificates etc.

The global health and wellbeing sector is worth $4.5 trillion and is continuing to grow. This means branded products that promote a healthy lifestyle are a great way to show your client base that you care. Products like golf balls or sports bottles are all a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle, whilst promoting your company and/or products.

One part of this sector that continues to be our best seller is the use of Promotional Clothing. Not only is your customer base receiving a high-quality item that they will associate with your brand, but they will also wear it over and over again subtly promoting your brand quite probably to people who wouldn’t have necessarily heard of you before. A good example is customers wearing one your tee-shirts when in a gym.

Branded Stationery is another stalwart when it comes to merchandise. Branded notebooks, folders and diaries are a fantastic way to get your brand noticed in 2022. Not only are they useful, but they’re also a higher-value item meaning that they’re bound to leave a stronger impression on your audience.

When compared to other marketing activities, branded merchandise should be included in your discussions and strategy. Statistics taken from the BPMA research indicate that over 50% of marketers asked felt promotional products was the best advertising medium to increase brand loyalty as well as engage with you.